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Are you interested in improving your teaching skills? Do you want to teach at the undergraduate or graduate level?

This summer TIBBS is offering a series of workshops and panel discussions to help life science graduate students and postdocs learn how to:

  1. become an effective teacher,
  2. design a course
  3. manage a classroom
  4. involve undergraduates in research
  5. get a job at a primarily undergraduate teaching institution

More than 10 workshops, seminars, and panel discussions are planned and students and postdocs who attend at least 4 main workshops and 2 elective events (see complete schedule below for individual event details) will earn a certificate.

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2011 TIBBS Summer Teaching Certificate Series
Main workshops (attend 4/6 of workshops plus 2 electives to get certificate):

Wed June 22
Active learning strategies to teach critical thinking - how to push students to think beyond the facts, Bloom’s taxonomy
Donna Bailey, RN, PhD, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence
Wed June 29
Bioinfo 1131
Designing a syllabus – the often overlooked, but essential backbone of your course. What to include, how to develop it.
Donna Bailey, RN, PhD, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence
Fri July 8
MacNider 321
Learning assessment – Backwards course design, grading rubrics, and how to promote learning through testing
Ed Neal, PhD, President at Ed Neal and Associates, past Director of Faculty Development, UNC-CH
Wed July 13
Macnider 321
Adapting to student needs and feedback during and after the course - responding to a changing student body
Donna Bailey, RN, PhD, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence
Wed July 20
Macnider 321
Just in Time Teaching – New pedagogies and practices for teaching in higher education
Scott Simpkins, PhD, Author, Professor and Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at NC A&T State University
Wed July 27
macnider 321
Developing you teaching statement, philosophy, and portfolios – the most important documents in your application package
Donna Bailey, RN, PhD, Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence

Electives (attend 4/6 workshops plus 2 electives to get certificate):

Proposed Date
July 7th 4-5pm Bioinformatics 1131
Classroom management - discussing ethically, politically, or socially charged topics. Sexual harassment, dealing with distractions from technology
Todd Zakrajsek, PhD, Executive Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence, UNC-CH
July 14th 4-5pm Bond G100
Integrating technology in the classroom
Suzanne Caldwell, Instructional Technology Consultant and ITS Liaison, Ctr for Faculty Excellence
July 21st, 4-5pm Bondurant G100
Panel: Teaching our first undergraduate course – what was it like? What did we learn? What do we wish we had known?
SPIRE fellows:
Michael Bruno, PhD,
Michelle Kovarik, PhD,
Jenny Tenlen, PhD,
Stacey Alvares, PhD
July 28th 4-5pm Bondurant G100
Panel: Teaching lab skills to undergraduates through hands on experience. – challenges, rewards, and lessons learned
Donita Robinson, PhD
Brian Hogan, PhD
2 other panelists TBA
Aug 4th, 4-5pm Bondurant G100
Panel: Getting a job at an undergraduate teaching institution – how to find them, how to apply, and what to expect the first year
Antonio Baines, PhD, NC Central University
Yuko Miyamoto, PhD, Elon University
2 other panelists nearby liberal arts colleges


  Location: various locations
  Date: Thursday, August 04, 2011
  Time: -
  Sponsor: Training Initiative for Biological and Biomedical Sciences (TIBBS)
  Price: Free
  For more information, contact the event administrator: Patrick Brandt pdbrandt@email.unc.edu