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Course description

If you became a teacher to change the world, if you believe a better world is possible, if you want to reinvigorate your teaching, inspire children to become leaders in a healthier, more productive and more just tomorrow, then join us in looking at Dream of a Nation. This professional development course is self-paced and interactive and will introduce you to contemporary solutions to some of our society’s most pressing issues. Through reading articles and watching videos by some of today’s most innovative and inspiring scientists, economists, environmentalists and others you will find material, aligned to both North Carolina Essential Standards and English language arts Common Core Standards, which will engage you and your students in empowering ideas. As you progress you will share your thoughts with other educators in your discipline and across disciplines and create or adapt materials to use in your classroom. The final project for this class is the creation of an assignment or unit related to this real world material implemented in your classroom.

Course objectives

  • Introduce relevant contemporary issues into science, social studies and English classrooms
  • Reinvigorate and stimulate teachers with interesting and relevant ideas for lessons
  • Empower students to engage with our society through content areas

Course information

Dream of a Nation runs for five weeks. Our weeks begin midnight on Wednesday and end on midnight Tuesday.

This course is appropriate for eighth through twelfth grade environmental science, American history, civics and economics and English teachers.
Time commitment
Participants are expected to log in and participate five days per week, for a total of two hours per week.
Credits and course fee
This course is FREE! and upon successful completion, the student will receive 2.0 CEUs.

Course syllabus

The five weeks of this course are divided by topic. Each content area has their own material for each topic: Community, Business, Environment, Better Government and Health.

In addition to your individual work you will be asked to post comments on discipline specific as well as whole class blogs to facilitate conversation and give you a chance to share your ideas and get ideas from other teachers!

The course culminates with a final project which includes development of lesson or unit plan, or adoption of a pre-made unit plan and posting of student work samples from that plan.

Your comments and assignments will receive feedback from the instructor, Moira Bradford. Moira is a National Board Certified teacher and has taught for ten years. She taught secondary English and history in public schools and currently teaches at UNC Chapel Hill where she is also pursuing her PhD.


  • Goal 3: Teachers know the content they teach.
    • Objective 3.03: Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines.
    • Objective 3.04: Teachers make instruction relevant to students.
  • Goal 5: Teachers reflect on their practice.
    • Objective 5.02: Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.


  Location: moodle.learnnc.org
  Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - Wednesday, October 30, 2013
  Time: -
  Price: Free
  For more information, contact the event administrator: Mike Bamford mbamford@unc.edu