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Instructor: Mirsad Hadzikadic

This course offers an introduction to a new analytical method of agent-based modeling. It provides an easy way for the beginner to translate research goals into a dynamic model in simulation form. This course offers a step-by step, hands-on, interactive approach to conceptualizing, creating, implementing, and analyzing policy/political science simulation models. This analytical tool can be used in addition to traditional triangulation strategies to operationalize quantitative and qualitative variables (or a combination of both) into a simulation. The goals of this session is to provide participants with a basic understanding of concepts like agents, emergence, self-organization, and non-linearity. NetLogo, a free downloadable modeling program, will be used to develop elementary skills for direct application of complex systems to policy research. Sample policy/political science problems will be presented and broken down into theory and assumptions in order to outline principles required for a successful simulation. Strategies behind identifying appropriate agent types, behaviors, and attributes, along with establishing system rules, will be presented for model inclusion. The role of energy, learning, feedback, information, scaling, and fitness will be discussed in order to add to modeling dynamics. Participants will have the opportunity to practice modeling policy in flexible and creative ways. Upon completion of this course participants will be able to access NetLogo and navigate basic areas like the models library of social science, interface, information, and procedures. Additionally, participants will be capable of planning, creating, building, and reporting the basics of a policy simulation analysis. An in-depth course curriculum guide will be supplied for supplemental skill-building and modeling resources.


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  Location: 01 Manning Hall
  Date: Friday, March 04, 2011
  Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  Sponsor: H.W. Odum Institute
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