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Course description

Ever wish your district would hire more ESL teachers? Wish you could get your regular classroom teachers certified in ESL? Have you wondered what part you have in effectively reaching English Language Learners? This mission (course) is designed for districts

  • that will never have enough ESL teachers.
  • that lack funding and time to provide professional development in effective ESL strategies.
  • that want to empower regular classroom teachers to effectively teach the English Language Learners in their classrooms.


Training regular K-12 classroom teachers to effectively teach English Language Learners

Should you accept this mission, you will begin by preparing the basic ESL arsenal: ESL Process and testing, second language acquisition, cultural challenges, and stages of acculturation. With these tools in place, you will start the two-phase operation. In the first phase, you will investigate multiple ways to modify teaching in appropriate ways based on the ELL’s language level. If successful, in phase 2, you will discover how to apply SIOP components to every area of a lesson. You, and your team, will be supported by advanced Web 2.0 tools throughout your mission.

If you accomplish the stated mission, you will receive a certificate for 30 contact hours. This message will self-destruct in thirty seconds (or sooner if you hit the Back button.)

Course objectives

Specifically, this course will:

  • walk teachers through the legislation of ESL including what determines which students should participate in the ESL program, what the law says classroom teachers are responsible for in teaching ESL students, and what roles support staff and administrators have in assisting this population.
  • explain testing, policies, and procedures for ESL students and the ramifications for classroom teachers including testing accommodations for ESL students.
  • assist in understanding second language acquisition, cultural issues, and challenges that all play a role in learning English.
  • explore appropriate strategies for reaching English Language Learners that are consistent with each student’s level of language development, educational background, and life experiences.
  • supply teachers with reliable resources for supplemental information/assistance.

Course information

This course is appropriate for all teachers, administrators, and support staff working with English language learners in public schools.
Time commitment
Each week, students will be expected to spend approximately four to six hours on the actual course work.
Mission Possible runs for 5 weeks. Our weeks begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday at midnight.
If you are in search of continuing education hours for renewal, this is the course for you. Upon successfully completing the 5 week course, participants will receive 30 continuing education hours. In addition, you can earn an additional 30 credit hours by completing extra assignments to earn bonus points. The bonus assignments are completely optional and there are no due dates for them besides completing whichever ones you want before the last day of class. Below is the breakdown of the reward hours based on bonus point levels:


  • 30-50 bonus points = 5 contact hours
  • 51-100 bonus points = 10 contact hours
  • 101-150 bonus points = 15 contact hours
  • 151-200 bonus points = 20 contact hours
  • 201-255 bonus points = 25 contact hours
Due dates
In each week’s overview, you will see a list of assignments and their due dates. You will need to complete each assignment by the due date and in doing so will be given a certain number of points for each task. You must receive a total of 220 points over the duration of the course in order to receive course credit. Late work assignments are not accepted.
Course materials
You’re in luck! All of the course materials that you will need for this course are available to you online! We’ve assembled a series of content pages and web links that will allow you to complete the work from your computer. You will, however, need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software loaded—you’ll use this to read a special kind of file called a .pdf. If you don’t already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed, you can get it for free by downloading it from Adobe.


  • Goal 1: Teachers demonstrate leadership.
    • Objective 1.01: Teachers lead in their classrooms.
    • Objective 1.04: Teachers advocate for schools and students.
  • Goal 2: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students.
    • Objective 2.01: Teachers provide an environment in which each child has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults.
    • Objective 2.02: Teachers embrace diversity in the school community and in the world.
  • Goal 4: Teachers facilitate learning for their students.
    • Objective 4.01: Teachers know the ways in which learning takes place, and they know the appropriate levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of their students.
    • Objective 4.02: Teachers plan instruction appropriate for their students.
    • Objective 4.03: Teachers use a variety of instructional methods.
    • Objective 4.07: Teachers communicate effectively.
  • Goal 5: Teachers reflect on their practice.
    • Objective 5.01: Teachers analyze student learning.


  Location: moodle.learnnc.org
  Date: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 - Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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  Price: $150.00
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  For more information, contact the event administrator: Mike Bamford mbamford@unc.edu