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AOWS3: Self Evident Truths? The Birth of Democracy in a Global Context Return to listing


AOWS3: Self Evident Truths? The Birth of Democracy in a Global Context

How can teachers get students to understand there is always more than one side to history? Even the side we, as Americans, are taught to be “wrong,” must be looked at in order to fully understand the event. By comparing perspectives of important historical events during the Revolutionary War era, students can judge for themselves which side had the stronger case instead of relying on a biased history book to think for them. This course will guide you through the challenge of incorporating a global perspective into a US history curriculum through modeling, collaboration, analysis of primary sources, and, finally, the creation of your own globally infused history lesson. Eventually, through your instruction, your students will be able to question history, while leaving behind their experiences in the stodgy, direct-instruction style of teaching history forever!  


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  Location: moodle.learnnc.org
  Date: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
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  Sponsor: LEARN NC - AOWS03
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